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My name is Marie-Catherine Beuth. I’m a journalist and currently a happy John S. Knight Journalism fellow at Stanford. What makes me unhappy is missing out on the news in general, and great journalism in particular. It is my project, as a Knight fellow and beyond, to fix this, by trying to adapt the news to the time we have and the time we didn’t have.

Just like there is a “Slow Food Movement“, I believe it’s time for a “Slow News Movement”. I’m certainly not the first, nor the only one, to think about it. But my project of making news distribution better by making it timely and time-efficient will most certainly participate in this effort to change the pace of news consumption (indeed, we should still break news as fast as possible).

Instead of making their users fight to keep up with the 24 hour news cycle, I believe the media should make it easier for their (otherwise busy) users to be well-informed, especially when everything is reported in real-time. It is very pretentious to keep assuming we have our readers/ watchers/ listeners attention at all times. It would be safer to bet on the fact that often enough, people have missed bits and pieces of unfolding stories. And they don’t have a lot of time to catch up on news. I believe that solving this equation will make the media experience more valuable to its consumers. And hopefully improve the economics of journalism.

This site details the progress of my project as a Knight fellow. It will also echo various informations on “slow news” and efforts to break away from the 24 hour news cycle slavery. Finally, I will assemble resources that help catch-up on news stories and resources that quantify content according to time.

Any feedback or contributions welcome!

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